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Gabi Tetro Ltd. was founded in 1978 by architect Gabi Tetro.
Has extensive experience in architectural design throughout the country, including commercial centers and offices, saturated residential construction, hotels, land allocation, industry.
Gabi Tetro's office has been operating for over 40 years in the design of thousands of housing units, taking care of every aspect of architectural design.
Over the years, the firm has won many competitions in Israel and abroad.

In each project, emphasis is placed on the theme "art is non-standard, it is diverse" and we adapt the work to the client, innovation comes while learning from what is happening in the world.
In 2010, Gadi Shachar joined as a partner, bringing with him about 30 years of experience in advanced construction technologies and specializing in the management and accompaniment of complex projects.
The joint work over the years between architect Gabi Tetro and Gadi Shachar has created the company Tetro Shachar Architects Ltd.
Tetro Shahar Ltd. is a company that specializes in providing planning and architecture services for all types of projects throughout the country and abroad, including: residential neighborhoods, leisure and commercial centers, hotels, industrial buildings, hospitals, office buildings, schools and other projects.

Our office currently has about 25 unique employees for each subject, divided into departments.
In order to provide a comprehensive envelope for projects and provide architectural advice at all levels of planning, the team includes, within, a planning department, a master plan department, a licensing department and a simulation department.
Tetro Shahar Architects Ltd. considers the needs of its clients as a top value and implements their requirements for functional design at a high architectural level.
The projects develop as tier upon tier while going down to the smallest details such as the location of the project, the environment it is in, etc. until a perfect and finished product is obtained.
During its 40 years of operation, the company has gained a great deal of experience and reputation and has planned a wide range of projects for leading companies and entrepreneurs in the industry, and in most of them our firm has become "home architects".

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